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As the CMO of Enplug, a B2B tech company, I ran all our marketing initiatives from content marketing to channel strategy. I created a marketing funnel strong enough that our sales team didn't have to do any prospecting. Each month my process generated hundreds of leads from medium-sized to Fortune 100 companies.

When I left my role as CMO to consult full-time, I had an advantage - I knew what CMOs and founders want in a consultant.

Because of my experience, I take a holistic approach to marketing for my clients that goes far beyond any one strategy or channel. This is my Growth Approach - and I'd love to share it with you.

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SEO and Content

We know how to create content that not only compliments your brand but also ranks for SEO and moves buyers through your pipeline.

Outbound Marketing

Not enough qualified leads coming to you? We have years of experience with both high-volume and highly-targeted email marketing campaigns.


We can automate your marketing with the right martech tools, product integrations, and workflows for your business.

b2b branding

Your brand voice and style should resonate with your target market. We can help create personas and a brand that speaks to them.

website creation

Whether you need a brand-new website, a touch-up to an existing site, or some new landing pages, we've got you covered.


Not enough qualified leads coming to you? We have years of experience running outbound marketing and email campaigns.

technology Strategy

We can help you decide what to prioritize in your engineering timeline and give feedback from a user's perspective.

You name it

From channel partnerships to pricing strategy, we know more than just Marketing 101.
We'll be honest about what we know - and what we don't.

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