The GrowthApproach RevOps Blueprint 📈

Our team works with sales and marketing leaders at growth-stage companies that sell partially or fully B2B.

We put the strategy and the tactics in place to help teams drive predictable growth. 

After partnering with more than a dozen high-growth companies (including alumni of Techstars, YCombinator, & Idealab) we believe there are two keys to unlocking hockey-stick growth:

  1. Create one unified growth strategy that brings together Marketing, Sales, and Product. 
  2. Use your growth strategy to create focused, testable, and simple tactics.

The truth is, success doesn't come from complexity. Success is simple, which doesn't mean it's not difficult.

We've seen too many teams get caught up in trying to build the perfect MarTech stack, run sophisticated ABM campaigns, or find the latest growth hack.

At the same time, their sales team doesn't know what marketing is doing (or why), and opportunities are falling through the cracks due to bad data or an inconsistent process.

Through our simple three-step framework, we can help you develop an effective growth strategy that builds on what's already working.

With a rock-solid strategy in place, we partner with you to attract, convert, close, and delight your ideal customers.

Let's Grade Your Approach to Growth


CRM Strategy

We specialize in helping teams set up and use CRMs for full-funnel insights. We are a HubSpot Gold Partner.



Whether you need a brand-new website, a touch-up to an existing site, or some new landing pages, we've got you covered.



Paid search can be one of the fastest ways to generate new leads. We specialize in B2B LinkedIn and Facebook advertising.



From channel partnerships to pricing strategy, we know more than just Marketing 101. We'll be honest about what we know - and what we don't.



We know how to create content that not only compliments your brand but also ranks for SEO and moves buyers through your pipeline.



Not enough qualified leads coming to you? We have years of experience with both high-volume and highly-targeted email marketing campaigns.



We can automate your marketing with the right martech tools, product integrations, and workflows for your business.



Your brand voice and style should resonate with your target market. We can help create personas and a brand that speaks to them.


Some Favorite Client Projects 👀

Cloudstaff: Modern Outsourcing

Cloudstaff is an established outsourcing company that recruits talented staff in the Philippines and retains them with top-of-the-line perks and culture.

When Cloudstaff contacted GrowthApproach, they already had a great product - but they had no presence in the US market. The Cloudstaff team needed a strategy and a partner to help them break into this large and competitive market. 

GrowthApproach has supercharged Cloudstaff's US market expansion. We started by understanding what drives sales, and then translated that into testable marketing tactics.

Once we had marketing traction, we helped align Sales & Marketing by implementing and training the team on the HubSpot Enterprise CRM.

GrowthApproach has helped align Cloudstaff's executive team, sales and marketing teams, and ad agencies to drive Year over Year sales growth of more than 200%.





ScreenCloud is a global digital signage software provider. Their headquarters are in the United Kingdom, but they are expanding into the US market and building a sales team based in the USA.

Generating enough qualified leads to fuel a sales team in a new market is always a challenge.

GrowthApproach was able to create a go-to-market strategy for the US launch that combined multiple channels and leveraged our team's understanding of the industry.   

Through this process, we generated a steady stream of dozens of qualified, sales-ready mid-tier to enterprise leads each month that helped the team build pipeline and close deals. 


DirecTech Labs

DirecTech Labs is an enterprise software and AI company with a focus on the direct selling industry.

As a startup with a new and innovative approach, the team was having trouble breaking into their very large Fortune 100 clients.

GrowthApproach helped DirecTech Labs set up their HubSpot to track and manage leads and understand the ROI of their campaigns. 

Our team also helped DirecTech execute on multiple marketing campaigns, including completely redesigning and launching their website, running a crowdfunding campaign, creating a print brochure, a pitch deck, and running their first paid ads.

DirecTech Labs


BetterWorld is a managed services and telecom solutions provider for small and medium businesses.

With a working relationship of more than one year, GrowthApproach has helped manage a complete website overhaul and relaunch, navigate the addition of several new product lines, create all-new branding and marketing materials, run paid ad channels, optimize content & SEO, and grow organic traffic by 30% in three months.



CyberGRX: Enterprise Risk Management

CyberGRX is the largest third-party risk exchange, helping Fortune 500 companies understand and manage data breach risk from their third-party vendors.

They invest heavily in marketing thought leadership and MarTech tools, but were struggling with aligning their sales and marketing efforts. 

GrowthApproach brought our RevOps experience to play, improving key sales data quality from 10% to above 90% and ensuring that top sales reps can use the tools available to them to succeed.




Get Your Growth Strategy Score

Get actionable insights to help you attract, convert, close, and delight your ideal customers.

On our 15-minute call we'll go wide first, getting an understanding of your business and your current situation.

Next, we'll go deep on:

  1. Examining your current situation to see what is (not) working
  2. Identifying your growth possibilities in the next 6-12 months
  3. Uncovering the #1 thing holding you and your business back

If we aren't able to help you, we'll put you in touch with someone in our network. If we are able to help, we'll also share the exact process we use to fill your pipeline with qualified traffic that convert into demos and trials, and then, paying customers.

Please note that our growth engagements range from $15,000 to $5,000 USD per month depending on scope of work. This allows us to be your partner in both marketing strategy and execution.


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